To the Bone


New year, new site, amiright? 

Hello, and welcome to our new site! The dream of two best friends come to life, right before your eyes. Two dreamers who've permanently inked their love of music on their bodies, to stay with and connect them their entire lives. 

Honestly, we can't believe that we haven't thought of doing this sooner. We've been best friends, concert buddies, soul sisters, and roadtrip pals for 10 years now, and believe it or not graduated college with similar degrees, Journalism and English. After I (finally) finished college, we decided to put our minds together, and start this site featuring music posts, playlists, concert recaps, and anything else we can think of. 

While we both like the same music for the most part, we also both have our own individual taste in music, which will lead to a variety of posts featuring different artists and genres. Lucky y'all, huh? 

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- Paige

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