Savannah's Top Songs of 2017

2017 was weird, but it brought some great music. I make a playlist on Spotify every month. Each one is usually lengthy and scatter brained, but it's like a time capsule showcasing what each month out of the year was like for me. If I was down, I was listening to Dolly Parton and an embarrassing amount of Ryan Adams, if I was happy it looked more like Deslondes and Kurt Vile. None of that makes sense, but it's nice to look back on and replay. If you want to join in on my madness, follow me on Spotify. 

I compiled some of my favorite songs of 2017 into one playlist. I planned on narrowing it down to ten songs, but fell somewhere around 20. Give it a listen! 









Some honorable mentions: 

- Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile's collaboration has been a golden favorite of mine. I honestly think they complete each other.

- Naked Giants are a garage rock wonder. I'm obsessed. 

- Angel Olsen's entire album Phases speaks to me, and it'll speak to you too.

- If you want to feel sad, like really have a good cry, Phoebe Bridger's album Stranger in the Alps might make you feel more than you wanted to. 

Here's to a new year of music and 12 new long and disorderly playlists from yours truly!